Thursday, June 09, 2005

oh, Mischa

I came to the OC late in life.
Okay, that's not true, I watched it from the beginning but stopped about half-way through the first season because the writing is so painfully bad. Anyway, like many of you, I hated Mischa at first. She's skinnier than you, prettier than you, has more money than you at a younger age, blah blah blah, she's easy to hate.
But something has happened recently, after starting to watch the OC again due to Adam Brody love my opinions on this waif has changed. Her near-attack by Trey and her courageous fashion-choices have cumulated and I've given in to loving her profusely.
I don't even mind her boyfriend, he's kind of cute really. That cross-thing is weird, but maybe he just has a thing for 80's Madonna or something.
In conclusion, Mischa is no longer the Donna of the OC. She's definately the Brenda: fun to hate-on but the show would crash-and-burn without.


Blogger suz said...

my roommate and i spent the whole xmas exam period catching up on season 1 of OC-goodness because we belatedly realized how great it was to be hooked on.
[oh the drauuuma]

8:07 AM  
Blogger Gwen said...

I'm sorry, but Mischa looks weirdly old for her age, like she should be selling K-Mart wares alongside Jaclyn Smith.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Rob Danger said...

Yeah you definately MUST watch for the drama and the blatent time-inconsistencies. Seriously, I don't understand how the Solar/Lunar patterns work on that show, but I heart it never the less.
Actually, I mostly like making fun of it and then drooling whenever Adam Brody appears because he is clearly the only boy I want to marry.
You have to LOVE Mischa's odd accent though. Is she British? Is she Madonna? Who can tell? It's half the fun.

2:14 PM  
Blogger n.v. said...

The cross on Brandon's t-shirt is especially weird seeing as how he's a big ol' Jew.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

omg I can't believe you would have the audacity to insinuate that Mischa Barton is in any way comparable to Shannen Doherty. That really is blasphemy. Shame on you. SHAME.

7:57 PM  

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