Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lemme show you how this Man-Boy flirts

This past Friday I spent a boring night typing up shit for work. It was fairly brainless-sport so I decided to treat myself with some new music. You should know that music is my one true love – don’t tell literature –I could see myself pursuing a job in the music-industry if not for the fact I have zero-musical talent. No line from a song more aptly describes me than the following from the Pet Shop Boys: “when you’re a boy/some days are tough/lying on your bed/playing punk rock and stuff”. Of course I mean the Avril Lavigne version of punk-rock, or at least the type of punk-rocker who owns and likes Pet Shop Boys CDs.

Anyway, I ventured to the mall – which is a big deal for me, considering how much I hate those constructions, in no small part because they are over-run by 12-year-olds wearing low-rise jeans – to make my big purchase. I know, I know, support your local music-stores blah, blah, blah. HMV has the kind of shit I like and it’s all of 10 minutes away from my home, which is really as far as I ever venture anywhere. Not to mention there are two really gorgeous Emo-boys who work there. In my fantasy they say something like: “I can tell you’re really boss by your taste in music, which is coincidently my taste in music”. I know we like the same Indie-bullshit judging by their clothes, because I’m superficial.

I bought Death from Above 1979’s first CD, they’re home-grown Canadian-talent. That’s either the best band name I’ve ever heard or else the worst. You can’t say it without feeling vaguely tool-esque. Their album is seriously AWESOME though, it’s just straight up fun rock music. Do you ever feel really boss? Where you just KNOW that your shit is bananas? I usually only feel really boss in my 2-dollar aviators [mostly because they are cheep and cool, like me] but DfA1979’s music makes me feel that level of boss with or without my shades.

My roommate’s boyfriend described the entire CD-experience “as just plain audio-sex” and I couldn’t agree more. The boys in this band are fucking dripping with sex. Not to mention the CD’s called you’re a woman, I’m a machine, that is just genius. I think that might be how I introduce myself: “Hi, you’re a woman, I’m a machine”. The ladies will be lining-up. I insist you check out their most bad-ass tunes: Romantic Rights, Blood on our Hands and Black History Month.

The album is just so much rocking-fun it almost redeems me for owning Spice Girls and Gwen Stefani albums. Almost.

In a 2-for-1 deal I also bought Stars album set yourself on fire which is okay, but I haven’t been as instantly taken with it. If I could describe it, I would call it Indie-music filtered through Enya, which is not a compliment at all. There are two main-vocalists, one a woman, the other a man. The guy’s voice reminds me of John K Samson from the Weakerthans – who incidentally is a homosexual – but not as good. The girl however has a very lovely voice. I’ll keep you posted on if it grows on me. I don’t like most CDs right out of the gate anyway, so in a month’s time I could love it.


Anonymous dryvrgrl said...

Ok...Music. Have you ever EVER checked out CLUTCH???
lyric "Now I do my drinkin' through bamboo straws. Constantly kickin' at tarantulas.... What was I thinkin' Move to Baltimore... I Love The Great Outdoors!!!".. I mean cummon... who doesn't love that!!!
Not really EMO, but my absolutely most favorite band EVER. Check it out!!!
(dryvrkid LOVES La Tigre... You are my new music connection!!!)

3:32 PM  
Blogger Rob Danger said...

I have never checked out Clutch! But if you think they are so boss I should definately do that! I don't only listen to emo-music anyway, I like to think I'm fairly well-rounded!
Le Tigre are fucking BRILLIANT because they're both fun and political, who would have thought you could be both?! There are definately a lot of bands with good messages and some seriously BAD lyric writing/music-composing skillz. I hate that!

3:38 PM  
Blogger yournamehere said...

Le Tigre is coming to the House of Blues in Vegas and I might have to check it out. F Vo, are they less strident than Bikini Kill?

7:44 PM  
Blogger Rob Danger said...

Oh, my gosh: YEZ.
I fucking can't stand bikini kill when Hanna starts SHREIKING, but sometimes they can be alright.
Le Tigre is just straight up dance-yur-azz-off FUN.

7:49 PM  
Blogger yournamehere said...

That was the answer I was looking for.

I saw Clutch in 2002, the same day I had a wisdom tooth extracted. That was a mistake. I was on meds so I couldn't drink, and there was a brawl in the balcony (where I was sitting). A thrown chair missed me by a red cunt hair. Good music, though.

10:31 PM  
Blogger n.v. said...

Are these emo HMV boys ghey, too?

11:43 PM  
Blogger Ed Grow said...

Oh Flesh, you really are an emo-poser after my own heart. If you want to get into some seriously self-loathing, check out early-mid Portis Head. Their brand of "trip hop" (oh god, could anything good come from that?) makes me want to kill myself. But I suppose that's what it is supposed to do, huh? Anyway, Love!

12:13 AM  
Blogger Rob Danger said...

I doubt it NonV, I'm attracted to them.
I appreciate that you recognize the pose in me Ed Grow, I might just check them out!

12:57 AM  

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