Thursday, June 09, 2005

“I didn’t quite catch that can you bend-over again?”

A couple of days ago Rob, one of my roommate’s boyfriend, came over to ‘take a look-see’ at some plumbing issues we’re having in our washroom. I was home-alone when Rob arrived in his work-smock; when I answered the door he announced his presence by making some comment about being the stripper-gram I’d ordered. Ha!
He was all sweaty and work-y and of course I had no idea about any of the problems he was walking me through. I made the appropriate grunting noises of understanding but really I was looking at his butt. He has a nice one. I always feel flattered when straight guys assume I have the beginnings of a clue about what they’re talking about.
I find straight men vaguely disconcerting as I’m never sure how they’ll react to me. I’m fairly low-key and most of the time they think I’m funny. Besides the fact I usually only come into contact with one of them through one of my girlfriends, and she has usually already weeded out the potential homophobia. However, I’m always surprised when one of them seems to genuinely enjoy hanging out with me.
It’s like a Doberman, you know they have the potential to bite-through your jugular so when they don’t it’s a pleasant surprise.


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